Travelling from Leicester to Gondar


Direct flights to Ethiopia are available from London Heathrow, although to get to Gondar you will have to change plane in Addis Ababa. These flights cost between £600 and £800 return and are easily booked online through Ethiopian Airlines.

There are other routes which involved stops (via Dubai, Cairo, Frankfurt or Isbanbul) and can be cheaper alternatives. Contact our Administrator with your intended travel dates and she can check all the alternatives for you. Please note that internal flights to Gondar are quickly booked up so if you want to go by this route book before you travel.

Business Visas

Before applying for a visa, please email Fekade Haile bhfek1@gmail.comwith details of your visits, clearly stating it is through the Leicester-Gondar Link Programme. He will need the following:

  • Scanned copy of your passport
  • Letter of invitation from your host in Gondar. If you don’t already have a named contact there, try emailing either Dr Sisay (Head of Medical College) – or Dr Annisa (Medical Director)  Non-medical academic staff should apply to the Dean of the relevant host faculty in Gondar.

Fedake can only send all the documentation off to the Addis Immigration Department 16 days before the visit, and the Gondar University Presidents Office needs to add a letter to the application before then, so please allow plenty of time.

Once clearance is given, you can apply for a visa to the Ethiopian Embassy in London, either by post, in person or online.


You will need to visit your GP a few months before your visit to ensure you have received all of the necessary vaccinations. The following are recommended:

  • Polio
  • Tuberculosis
  • Hepatitis A
  • Meningococcal Meningitis
  • Typhoid
  • Hepatitis B
  • Diphtheria Tetanus – Cholera
  • Rabies (consider immunisation if you are staying for a long period or trekking)

Anti-malarials are advisable at all times of the year, but many people don’t take them in the dry season (November to March/April) or if staying entirely in Addis or Gondar Town. Both Addis and Gondar Town are above the malaria zone. Malarone is currently satisfactory, but it is fairly expensive.

For up-to-date travel/health information please check


The ethiopian currency is the Ethiopian Birr which is only available in country.  You will need to take with you some English notes to change at the airport for your initial travel and expenses. After this there are banks in Gondar that will change sterling or dollars.


Link visitors normally stay at the Lammergeyer Hotel in Gondar. This can be booked through our Administrator who can arrange a special bed and breakfast rate of 500 Birr per night (£18 approx.)


The official national language of Ethiopia is Amharic (“Amharigna”).


You will need to ensure that you have comprehensive travel insurance.

For Medical Link members We have a Group Travel Insurance Policy for Link members. Please contact our Administrator on for details and to arrange. There is a charge of £15 per visit to use this.


The UN have made available to us their basic and advanced security training briefing software. These are interactive on-line modules that try to ensure you are aware of risks associated with travelling to and working in a developing country, know how to avoid or deal with them if that is necessary. These can be accessed by clicking the links below.

(Please note that you only need to choose a username and password if you don’t think you will be able to complete the module in one sitting. Entering these details will enable the briefing to pick up where you left off after a break, otherwise you will need to start at the beginning.)