About Gondar

Ethiopia is located in Sub-Saharan Eastern Africa and is one of the poorest countries in Africa. It has a population of approximately 78 million with 85% of its people living in rural communities. Most are subsistence farmers and their families, leading hand-to-mouth existences with 50% of the population aged under 15 years.

Gondar, located in North West Ethiopia, is a city with a long tradition. It was the former capital city of Ethiopia and, although small by British standards, it is the third city of Ethiopia. It also famous for its many medieval castles and the design and decoration of its churches – in particular, Debra Birhan Selassie which represents a masterpiece of the Gondarene school of art.

Climate and Weather

Ethiopia enjoys a moderate climate despite its proximity to the Equator. Its high altitude (around 2200m) ensures fairly consistent non-tropical temperatures around 25°C during the day to around 8 degrees at night. However, in the mountains, especially in January, it can get cold.

Temperatures in the lower lying areas such as Awash, Omo and the Mago park can be quite high. You are therefore advised to drink plenty of water and use high UV sun screen protection.

Ethiopia has two main rainy seasons – one is late January to early March when there are irregular short rainy spells. The other season is June until September with longer periods of heavier rain. With climate change, the seasons are becoming less distinct.