Safeguarding Policy

HALE is a charity which facilitates the organisation and implementation of medical projects in Ethiopia. All its projects are undertaken in partnership with a recognised local agency in Ethiopia, for example, the Gondar University.

This policy applies to the whole of LGL and HALE, trustees, executive and volunteers. This policy is intended to ensure that procedures are in place to report, prevent and deal with abuse.

HALE is committed to ensuring that children and vulnerable people are protected from all forms of harm and abuse, and able to live a life with dignity, respect and security. Those who volunteer with HALE must ensure that their behaviour promotes and encourages everyone to live free from (i) Physical, sexual and emotional harm and abuse, (ii) Exploitation and abuse (physical, sexual and psychological), (iii) Neglect, (iv) Discrimination and (v) Human Trafficking.

HALE does not tolerate abuse of any kind. HALE expects all those within the scope of this policy to be committed to the rights of others to be protected from abuse. HALE will promote understanding of protection needs and the responsibility to report and respond to concerns of abuse. HALE will take positive action to prevent potential abusers becoming involved with HALE and take stringent measures if abuse is committed or suspected.

HALE will conduct appropriate background checks in the UK, for example, ensure there is a current enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificate and use its reasonable endeavours to ensure relevant local procedures are in place for Ethiopian and other non UK nationals involved in its projects. This policy will be circulated to all those involved with HALE who will be required to agree proactively to implement the policy and sign a copy to indicate their agreement to abide by its terms.

HALE will (i) Recognise and manage risks and situations appropriately, (ii) Regularly review procedures appropriate to the local context, (iii) Provide appropriate training and support and (iv) Retain relevant records.

The Safeguarding Lead for HALE is currently Dr Heather Dipple.   Signed: H. Dipple   Dated: 30/07/2018