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Helping to make a difference to Health and Education in one of Africa’s poorest nations.

Health Action Leicester for Ethiopia (HALE) is the charitable arm of the Leicester-Gondar Medical Link.  This partnership started as a result of health and Education professionals in Leicester wanting to make a difference in the developing world and the strongly supported Link with The College of Medical Sciences in Gondar was established in 1996. 

HALE and the Leicester-Gondar Link are primarily involved in the transfer of knowledge and skills between Leicester and Gondar, supporting the improvement of health and educational services.

Over the years, there have been many projects that have been beneficial to both Leicester and Gondar including a fully independent Masters degree in Public Health training health workers from all over Ethiopia. 

Contact our HALE Administrator (info@halethiopia.org) for details of other projects we are involved in.

Please help us by giving a regular amount or one off donations to support our work.   Follow the link below