Gondar Hospital

University of Gondar Hospital is a 400 bed university hospital, which acts as the referral centre for four district hospitals in the area. It has a range of specialities including paediatrics, surgery, gynaecology, psychiatry, HIV care and an outpatients clinic.  Within its 400 staff it employs 50 doctors, 150 nursing staff, three pharmacists, 90 care staff and 25 laboratory scientists. These staff serve a population of four million across the region. As a university hospital, it plays an important role in teaching medical and nursing students.

A new, much larger hospital is under construction and Phase 1 of this project is now open, including an outpatient department and diagnostics centre. Phase 2/3, the in-patient provision, is nearing completion.


Although there is some communication barrier, this is mainly with patients, the staff are very friendly and happy to help. There are lots of different activities. University courses in Gondar are taught in English.

You will see many lots of patients, and it is really good exposure to different conditions (and its really memorable because there are lots of text book, extreme, exciting cases).  The medical notes are written in English and there are often staff available that will translate for you.


Wards – although clerking patients is difficult, you can observe, help doctors out with notes, examine, discuss management etc.

Teaching, meetings, wardrounds – in English, often hear some interesting cases although these are often very crowded with large number of Gondar’s own medical students.

Clinics – very high turn over, see lots of cases in one morning, get lot of practice with examinations.

Theatres – lots of open procedures, may be an opportunity to assist.

Procedures – e.g. In minors, suturing, lumpectomies, circumcisions etc.