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Medical Electives in Gondar

Information for Medical Students considering taking their medical elective in Gondar, Ethiopia.

Why do your Medical Elective in Gondar, Ethiopia?

Values of an elective in Gondar

  • Broadens your outlook
  • See how medicine works in a completely different setting
  • See illnesses you have never seen before
  • See tropical illnesses that may present in this country, with travel so regular nowadays
  • Make new friends and gain a new experience

 The values for your CV

  • Shows what specialities you are interested in
  • Keep a diary while you are there and write it up afterwards, and can submit it to local BMA to present, or to local journals to print

Organising your Elective

Please inform Kathy Astbury ( if you are planning an Elective.

Financial considerations include flights (£600-750 return), other expenses like transportation, accommodation and food are very cheap.

You will need to email your Curriculum Vitae to the Dean of the Medical School along with dates and an idea of what you would like to cover during your elective.

You need a recommendation letter from your Medical School and this also needs to be sent to the Dean of the Gondar Medical School.

Once your elective has been agreed, you will need a letter from the Dean of the Gondar Medical School for your visa application.

You will need to meet with Dr Heather Dipple, Chair Health Action Leicester for Ethiopia, before visiting.

There are several Leicester-based clinical staff involved in projects in Gondar, Please let Kathy know what you are interested in so she can put you in contact with the relevant person